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Sodastream To Close Controversial West Bank Plant - Yahoo News

SodaStream said the plant closure would "improve the operational efficiency" of a group that has been listed on the New York stock exchange since 2010. Another factory in northern Israel will also close, the group said on its website. The manufacturer claims its factory in the Jewish settlement of Mishor Adumim in the occupied West Bank, is a "model of integration" employing 500 Palestinians, 450 Arab Israelis and 350 Israeli Jews on the same salaries and with the same social security benefits. Palestinian employees "receive salaries four or five times that of the average wage in the territories controlled by Palestinian authorities", it has said. But the factory has been the focus of calls by Palestinian activists for a worldwide boycott of the firm. The row hit the headlines in January when Johansson quit as an ambassador for charity see page Oxfam following a dispute over her ad campaign for SodaStream. In one of the televised adverts, Johansson told audiences that they could drink SodaStream with a clear environmental conscience since the brand's plastic bottles are reused when making carbonated drinks at home. The actress, who was at the time an ambassador for British charity Oxfam, came in for fierce criticism from the international BDS ("Boycott, divestment, sanctions") campaign that pushes for a ban on blog Israeli products for "profiting from occupation".
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/sodastream-close-controversial-west-bank-plant-195132450.html

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